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The Book of Ruth



In Hebrew, Ruth means companion, friend , vision of beauty. Ruth is named after its chief character who was the Moabite, stranger and non-Hebrew who sought after God.



     According to the Talmud, the author is Samuel. If this is true, then the inspired writer wrote this book during the period of King David’s reign. The identity of Ruth’s author is uncertain.



     According to Ruth 1:1, it would be near the end of the period of the judges which covered 450 years. Then we have the genealogy link of Obed and Jesse which may cover 100 to 150 years. There is no mention of Solomon in this book. So the book may be written during David’s monarch (1010-970 B.C)



     Jews read Ruth annually on the Feast of Pentecost commemorating the giving of the Law and also the beginning of first fruits offerings from the harvest. Ruth was betrothed during the first fruit celebration. Ruth 3:2



      Ruth and Esther are the only two books in the Bible devoted to women in their entirety. Esther was a Hebrew woman married a Gentile King and Ruth was a Moabite woman married a Hebrew man.



     God’s grace in the midst of suffering to provide guidance and also blessings to all, even though they are gentiles who trust him and also Gentiles are not outside the scope of God’s redeeming love. It also emphases God’s providential work upon a hand of a woman.


Theme verse                                     Ruth 2:12


Key verses                              Ruth 1: 15,16 and 4:10


Key phrase                             The Lord bless: 4x


Key words                              Kinsman, Redeem, Kinsman-Redeedmer



  1. To present the providential provision of the kinsman-redeemer
  2. To present that Ruth was the great grandmother to David and also a macro picture of God’s providential working through Israel through the Messiah.
  3. To present God’s providential work outside of Israel
  4. To give a brighter side of life during the time of Judges.
  5. To present a key link between Judges and the Kings of Israel.


Theological Significances

  1. The Sovereignty of God. It is God’s sovereign plan over history to bring Ruth to Bethlehem to marry Boaz, the kin-redeemer.
  2. The Kinsman-Redeemer: Redemption of people is crucial theological aspect which goes along with Christology.
  3. The Davidic Covenant: God made the covenant with David’s reign which had the root in the Ruth’s story.


Outlines of Ruth

  1. Decided to be a Blessing ( Ruth in Grief) – Chapter 1
  2. Worked to be a Blessing  (Ruth’s service) – Chapter 2
  3. Sacrificed to be a Blessing (Ruth’s redemption) – Chapter 3
  4. Chosen to be a Blessing (Ruth’s contentment) – Chapter 4


     Circumstances may change but faith always prevails over circumstances.



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