Psalm 95: Meaningful Worship to God

By Rev. Devadosan Sugirtharaj / 02/21/2021

Introduction Psalm 95 is one of the psalms quoted in the New Testament especially in Hebrews.3:7-14. In Hebrews 4:7, it is said that it is the Psalm of David.


Section 1: Ways in Worship the Lord. 95:1-7a

  • Invocation Praise to God. Psalm.95:1-2  Worship has different forms and ways. The psalmist defines that worship is the way of honouring God. We do this through singing songs. Singing is not the only way to worship the Lord but it is an important way. As the people of God, we worship the Lord and exalt his name. These words are the invocation praise to God in the Temple worship in Israel. These words are used to inform the people that they come and worship the Lord in his holy presence. 
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